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A summer resort located in the central-eastern part of the Lublin Province, 7 km south of Włodawa on the road from Biała Podlaska to Chełm. The village probably owes its name to perches living in a white lake or waterlogged hollows which were called "eyes". The extremely attractive location on Lake Białe favors the development of tourism and agritourism. Around the lake, 100-150 m from its shores, a local road runs and numerous recreation centers are located. In the summer season there are restaurants, cafes, discos, rentals of swimming sports equipment and karting bikes, decks and summer cinema, playgrounds, camping, camping sites, catering establishments. There is an ATM in the center. Thanks to the highest average depth values ​​- 14.1 m (the largest depth - 33.6 m) and capacity - 14998 m3 throughout the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District, the lake is characterized by high resistance to degradation and, despite high tourist traffic, it has a purity class II. White Lake, on which Okuninka lies, is part of the most northerly group of lakes in the Łęczyńsko - Włodawskie Lake District. In the vicinity of the largest White Lake (106ha) there are smaller lakes: Glinki (47ha), Czarne (24ha), Święte (6ha), Rogoźne (6ha), Lipiniec (4ha). The lake has easy access to water, hard sandy bottom. Many species of fish live in it, including tench, perch, pike, vendace, eel. By the white lake you can meet mallard ducks, grebes, herons, swans, and pond fenders. From the south, the lake is surrounded by a forest belonging to the Sobiborski Landscape Park. In summer, public transport runs between Włodawa and Okuninka. The village has 6 stops located along the road around the lake. From June to the end of August, all PKS bus routes from Włodawa or Biała Podlaska to Chełm and Zamość go by the lake beltway. There are also several quick connections Lublin - Okuninka.


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