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CSK in Lublin. Preparations are underway for the 'transition' spectacle.


The first is the rite of passage, which is a wedding. "The Wedding," which Stravinsky wrote (and considered it his best work) is based on the Russian rite, though loosely enough that any anthropologist would be grimaced. The second meaning is the border crossing, because on the Polish-Ukrainian border lies Uściłuż, a city which Stravinsky visited (and where his house stands to this day) writing "The Rite of Spring". There he also met with Ukrainian folk music. - This is one of the reasons...

Choose the Tourist Pearl of the Lublin Region 2013


From July 4, the next edition of the Tourist Pearl of the Lublin Region 2013 competition begins. The presentations will take place at the Lublin Voivodeship Promotion Center at Krakowskie Przedmieście 41 in Lublin every Thursday from 9 to 13. More exact schedule: July 4 - Susiec July 11 - Sławatycze July 18 - Tomaszów Lubelski July 25 - Wisznice August 1 - Wola Uhruska August 8 - Janowiec August 22 - Tyszowce August 29 - Urszulin Interesting surprises are waiting for voters. For more...

Days of the Crocodile 2013


Traditional Weekend With the Crocodile this year will take place on 20.07.2013. The program includes miss choices, fireworks and concerts by famous bands. The exact schedule of the event: 17.00-19.30 competitions for the audience 19.30 concert Shine 20.30 Miss Crocodile election 21.30 Star of the evening Tarzan Boy !!! 22.30 Fireworks display. 22.30 Fun under the stars with a DJ. Kriss

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Lublin region

Although economically poor, it is extremely rich in nature and culture. The Lublin region is agriculture, forests and a real melting pot. And it is just the matter that this land is becoming more and more attractive for tourists seeking contact with nature. The landscape of the Lublin region, despite the lack of high mountains and lakes, is very diverse. The nature of Poleski National Park and the gorges in the Roztoczański National Park are impressive. The most important cities, i.e. Lublin and Zamość, are gladly visited. A big attraction is Chełm and the chalk underground located in this city. The Lublin region is also a beautiful Bug valley and an interesting culture of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. Zamość is the main destination of many trips to this land. The Old Town is distinguished by a beautiful market square. The city walls and the synagogue are interesting. Zamość, as a pearl of the Polish Renaissance, has been eagerly visited by tourists for years. Lublin is another attractive city. In the Old Town many historic tenements have been preserved, the interesting castle is also the local castle. It is also worth visiting Kozłówka, which has one of the most beautiful palace complexes in Poland. Kazimierz Dolny is the real pearl of the Lublin...

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