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Sobiborski Landscape Park

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The area of ​​the Park is about 10,000 ha, buffer zone 9,500 ha. It was created in 1983 in the following municipalities: Wlodawa, Hansk, Wola Uhruska. The park covers the most valuable parts of the Sobibór forests with very numerous peat bogs and 7 mid-forest lakes, which are under reserve protection. Various coniferous habitats, almost all types of lowland forests and swamp birch dominate here. There are all three types of peat bogs in the Park. The SPK peculiarity is the European pond turtle, an endangered species whose population is the largest in Central Europe. The Tarasienka river is the only known river stagnation site in Europe - a glacial relic - a glacial relic. Wolves and beavers and zig-zag vipers are also quite numerous in the Park. The avifauna of this area with at least 130 breeding species is also rich. To date, six nature reserves have been created in the Sobiborski Landscape Park (Lake Orchowe, Magazyn, Żółwiowe Błota, Brudzieniec, Małoziemce and Trzy Jeziora).


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