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Poleski Landscape Park

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The park, consisting of 4 enclaves with a total area of ​​5113 ha, is located in the eastern part of the Lublin Province. The park is dominated by wet plains, as well as meadows and peat bogs. PPK abounds in aquatic ecosystems (approx. 15% of its surface). There is the Wytykkie Lake, currently a retention reservoir. In the vicinity of the village of Stary Brus there is a complex of breeding ponds - a habitat of many species of birds. A great variation of this lowland landscape is the elevation of Guz Wola Wereszczyńska in its southern part. In some higher places there are forests and arable fields. The flora of this area is characterized by a large accumulation of plants of the Atlantic zone. The world of fauna is rich, especially avifauna.


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